North Course

Ocean North Course

Every hole is a signature.

Panoramic ocean views from every tee box are just the beginning. Open canyons and elevated plateaus dot the landscape, and at nearly 7,000 yards from the tips, your full attention is required. Several holes weave their way right down to the cliff’s edge, but great shots here require more than just a great camera. Lose your focus, and you might just lose the hole.

Par 71 - 6,945 yards
Remarkable ocean views from every tee
Open canyons and elevated plateaus
Opened in 1993



The green on this beautiful 542-yard par 5 opening hole can be reached with two well-placed shots. A new row of trees was added, and bunkers shifted from left to right to favor the left side of the generous fairway, which is the safe play off the tee. A more aggressive play would be to skirt the inside edge of the long fairway bunker on the right. A well-placed second shot to the right sets up the best angle to approach this deep, double-tiered green.



This difficult downhill 197-yard par 3 requires a precise tee shot with the correct club. Take into account the elevation change along with the wind when selecting your club. The percentage play is to the right side of the green, letting the slope feed the ball toward the hole.



Enjoy the view from the elevated tee on this deceptive 409-yard par 4. Choosing a club that will leave the tee shot short of the fairway bunkers on the left and the barranca on the far-right side is the highest percentage play, and provides the best angle of approach. The two-tiered green slopes right to left with a bunker guarding the front left. Favor the right side on your approach onto the green.



A challenging, slight dogleg left, 433-yard par 4. A well-struck drive down the left side, challenging the fairway bunker, will yield the optimum angle to approach the well-guarded, two-tiered green. It’s protected in the front and on the right, so favor the left side with your approach shot.



An accurate tee shot is important on this downhill 441-yard par 4 because of the protection provided by a deep rough on the left and a fairway bunker on the right. Favor the left side on your approach to a downhill green protected on the right by a bunker and a canyon. Take into account the change in elevation, the wind and the slope of the fairway when selecting the correct club for your approach.



This 170-yard par 3 features a slight downhill, demanding a forced carry over a canyon. Take plenty of club and favor hitting into the back of this double-tiered green. The slopes along the back and right of the green will send a well-placed shot rolling gently toward the center of the green.



Here the player is up against a long, 450-yard par 4 that features a bunker in the middle of an extraordinarily wide fairway. A well-placed tee shot to the left of the fairway bunker provides the best angle into the green, while a safe tee shot to the right of the fairway bunker provides the largest landing area. The green is protected by a bunker cluster short right and a sharp drop-off to the coastal-sage scrub. It is recommended to favor the left side of the green on the approach. Achieving par is a good score.



With spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean, this exciting 540-yard par 5 invites a tee shot that challenges the bunkers on both sides of the fairway. A good drive here will allow for a downhill attempt at the green in two shots. Aim at the front-left corner of the green and the ball will feed toward the center. A safer play is to place the second shot just short of the far-left bunker, leaving a short downhill approach for an optimal angle toward the long, narrow green.



A difficult, 424-yard par 4, this hole requires an accurate tee shot with distance control being a critical factor. A fairway wood, hybrid or long iron off the tee to the left center of the fairway is appropriate as the fairway becomes quite narrow for longer shots. There are also two series of bunker clusters in addition to an abundance of coastal-sage scrub guarding the right side. Facing a downhill shot from a lower lie onto the green, choose more club than you normally would. The elevation change is drastic and will allow your approach to carry to the front-right, greenside bunker.



Here the player finds a slight dogleg left uphill 421-yard par 4. Off the tee, the fairway is guarded by bunkers left and right. An accurate tee shot splitting the fairway will provide the best look at the green. Your approach is uphill into a long green with multiple tiers, so selecting the correct club is important. A pot bunker protecting the front-left side of the green will challenge any aggressive approach if the hole location is on the left.



This tantalizingly short downhill 369-yard par 4 doglegs slightly to the right with numerous bunkers along the right side. Favor the left side. Long hitters can end up safely on the fairway, close to the green. Your approach shot may be from a downhill lie, meaning the correct loft-club selection is paramount. Precise distance control with a low-running approach will allow for a fair attempt at birdie.



A well-struck tee shot is a must on this uphill 202-yard par 3 as there are greenside bunkers left and right. Favoring the left side will allow a shot to feed toward the center of the green. The wise player would use an additional club for this tee shot.



An accurate tee shot is needed to land on the fairway of this narrow downhill 345-yard par 4. Consider using a fairway wood, hybrid or long iron off the tee so you can land in the widest part of the fairway, near the fairway bunker left. Your approach shot will be uphill toward an elevated green that plays longer than the noted yardage. The green has several slopes and is protected by bunkers front left and right.



This inviting 411-yard par 4 with a slight dogleg right dares an aggressive tee shot challenging the right-side fairway bunkers. Any position on the fairway to the left or over the bunkers sets up an excellent approach shot. Your approach will lead onto an elevated green that slopes from back to front and is guarded by well-placed bunkers right and front left. Pay close attention to ocean breezes and select a club that will fly well onto the green.



This demanding 445-yard par 4 has a slight uphill dogleg left. A deep fairway bunker guards the left side as the fairway is slanted slightly right to left. The preferred tee shot is an accurate right-to-left draw to set up the best angle of approach. The long green tilts slightly right to left and has multiple slopes with bunkers protecting it short right and greenside left. An approach into the center of the green will provide a reasonable birdie putt to most hole locations.



This 158-yard par 3 is uphill, deceptively so, and allows for an aggressive shot toward the flagstick. When selecting your club, take into consideration the strong ocean breezes that could in fact aid your tee shot. The green is two-tiered, back to front, and is heavily guarded by bunkers short left and long right.



This is an outstanding 558-yard par 5 with a number of options. The safe play on your tee shot is to favor the left side, as the right features water and a large, intimidating fairway bunker. A risky tee-shot, challenging the fairway bunker, provides the reward of being able to attempt a very difficult second shot over a canyon and bunkers to the green. For many, the best play on the second shot is to aim at one of the bunkers on the left, so choose a club that sets up the ideal angle to approach. You’ll be hitting your approach towards an uphill green that slopes from back to front and is protected on the right by bunkers and coastal-sage scrub.



A terrific and challenging finish is provided by this dogleg right 430-yard par 4. An accurate tee shot—using a fairway wood, hybrid or long iron—towards the fairway bunker cluster on the left sets up the best angle for your approach to the green. The right side of the fairway is guarded by deep and dangerous bunkers and the entire right side is surrounded by coastal-sage scrub. The downhill approach will go over a canyon to an undulating green that is well protected with greenside bunkers on the right. Considering the elevation change at this location, selecting the proper club is imperative. Par is a great score on this hole and provides an excellent finish to a memorable golfing experience.


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