Tom Fazio


Tom Fazio's Vision

"Golf courses should reflect the natural beauty of their environments."

With the Ocean North and Ocean South Courses at Pelican Hill, Tom Fazio's vision has been brought to life in its purest form. 36 holes of world-class golf weave their way through stunning terrain and breathtaking vistas, with every lie, every shot and every hole designed to perfectly complement the natural landscape. He's got more designs on Golf Digest's list of "America's 100 Greatest Golf Courses" than any other living designer, and Pelican Hill proudly features two of his best.

Ocean North Facts

  • Par 71 – 6,945 yards
  • Remarkable ocean views from every tee
  • Open canyons and elevated plateaus
  • Opened in 1993

Ocean South Facts

  • Par 70 – 6,580 yards
  • Several holes right by ocean's edge
  • One-of-a-kind 13th hole features two greens
  • Opened in 1991

North Course Facts

Hole 1

The green on this beautiful 542-yard par 5 opening hole can be reached with two well-placed shots. A new row of trees was added, and bunkers shifted from left to right to favor the left side of the generous fairway, which is the safe play off the tee. A more aggressive play would be to skirt the inside edge of the long fairway bunker on the right. A well-placed second shot to the right sets up the best angle to approach this deep, double-tiered green.

Hole 2

This difficult downhill 197-yard par 3 requires a precise tee shot with the correct club. Take into account the elevation change along with the wind when selecting your club. The percentage play is to the right side of the green, letting the slope feed the ball toward the hole.

Hole 3

Enjoy the view from the elevated tee on this deceptive 409-yard par 4. Choosing a club that will leave the tee shot short of the fairway bunkers on the left and the barranca on the far-right side is the highest percentage play, and provides the best angle of approach. The two-tiered green slopes right to left with a bunker guarding the front left. Favor the right side on your approach onto the green.

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South Course Facts

Hole 1

After driving a cart over the iconic, classically-designed bridge, players start play with an outstanding 443-yard par 4 calling for an aggressive tee shot that challenges the right-side fairway bunker, yielding the best angle for a downhill approach to a very long green. The safe approach is toward the right side of the green.

Hole 2

Accuracy off the tee is more important than distance on this 353-yard par 4, as any tee shot down the left side will kick towards the center of the fairway. Consider what level the hole is on as you approach this two-tiered green, which is well-guarded on the right by a large bunker. The best strategy is to favor the left side of the green.

Hole 3

Choose a 3-wood, hybrid or long iron off the tee on this dogleg right 346-yard par 4 and play down the left side of the fairway. This will leave an open shot onto the two-tiered green, which is heavily protected by two front bunkers making proper club selection critical for the approach.

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